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Hi, I'm Brikena Kaja

Studying Web Design and Content Planning at Greenwich University

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About Me

I’m originally from Albania, a very small country in south-east of Europe. Previously I have studied Electronics and Digital Communications Engineering and I graduated in 2020. I had a two-year gap before I started my master studies and during this time, I have worked different jobs, but none related to my area of studies. I am grateful for this pause because I had the opportunity to think about what I really wanted. This year I am studying web design and content planning at Greenwich University, and I am really excited to dive into this new path. I have little to no experience in design and that is something that scares me, but I believe that with hard work there is nothing you can not accomplish.

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Music and Podcasts

Music to me is more than entertainment, because it is therapeutic and helps me navigate through my life and experiences. I listen to music based on the way I feel that is why I don’t have a specific genre, but I can say that it is an integral part of my life. I absolutely love podcasts. And one of the main reasons is because it doesn’t require my full attention. I could be doing many other things and, in the meantime, listening to great content. I have learned a lot from podcasts, and it feels like I am not really trying, which is amazing because it requires little to no effort.

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I am a very active person and I enjoy every form of physical activity. Since from a young age I couldn’t bear to sit still for a long time, and I used to participate in sports team in school. There is something about sports and being active that makes me feel good. It helps me with anxiety and with being physically and mentally fit.

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Cat Lover

This is Ginger, my lovely cat. He is in Albania, and I really miss him so much. He is three years old, and it has been with me since almost three years. I am a cat person. I absolutely love their attitude and I love spending time and play with them. And I also think that I have something in common with them which is sleep. I included some other photos of my friends cats.

cat standing on the table